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June Update (Big Announcements!!)

I'm sorry that I'm a little late with the updates from this month. It has been a crazy month, getting the final editing done on the "Inventing Stars" that will be out at the end of next month. I'm really excited about the direction this story is going and the big announcement is about this book as well.

The audiobook of "Inventing Stars" is underway!!!

Thanks to the amazing work of Madison Alcala, this story will be coming to life about the same time as the book releases in paperback and on kindle. The last step for this book is the cover reveal, which will be happening in the next few weeks. I hope that all of you will really enjoy this book.

In other news, I just finished the second draft of book three of the "Roots of Conviction" series and I will begin the first round of editing after the release of "Inventing Time". I have also started working on the first draft of the second book in the "Officers of Tomorrow" series.

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