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New Website with a lot of announcements!

After a crazy week's worth of work, I have managed to get the website redesign done and there are a lot of announcements tied to that redesign. It feels really nice to be able to get this done, and I'm excited to begin the next phase of my writing career. Please check out the website and take a look at what is coming, there will also be a few more changes still coming as we get the new merch site up and running with a whole lot of new things.

Announcement 1: Title of Book 3 in the Roots of Conviction series

If you check out the new Roots of Conviction page, you will see three books listed, including the newest addition to this series that will be coming out in June 2022. The title of this book will be Knight of Ipredaris.

Announcement 2: Title for Book 3 of the Officers of Tomorrow Series

Even though book 2 won't be released until the end of next month, I am already announcing book 3 of the Officers of Tomorrow series. On that page, you will find the newest addition to that series The City of Glass and Stars. Pre-orders for this book will open in December and the book will be coming out in April 2022.

Announcement 3: New ways to Read

After a lot of work, I have managed to set up a bunch of new partnerships giving you several new places to get your copy of any of my books. You can now find all of my novels on Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, and several other locations. Check out a full list on any of the novel pages.

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