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Officers of Tomorrow History

  • 2050: The United States and China race to establish research bases on Mars, the Moon, and Venus.

  • 2080: The second wave of expansion pushes the nations of the earth into the Asteroid belt and onto the moons of Jupiter and Saturn

  • 2102: Due to the high population and environmental pressures, the United Nations is forced to pull all nations into a united coalition to colonize the Moon and Mars

  • 2131: The first fusion thrusters were developed to allow for quick travel inside the star system traveling at ¼ light speed.

  • 2136: Colonies formed on Titan, Europa, and Ceres (Dwarf Planet near the Asteroid Belt). A large space station in the upper atmosphere of Uranus to extract H3 begins construction.

  • 2190: After the colonies had grown to the point that the United Nations had recognized them as independent nations and population was beginning to press the edge of sustainability.

  • 2194: The first Bow Drive was invented, allowing ships to jump across a single light-year or less in three seconds. With a four-hour recharge time between each jump.

  • 2195: the press to expand to Alpha and Beta Centauri

  • 2215: People’s Coalition forms and pushes to expand to a new world for “Cultural Protection” in the Gillese System

  • 2218: Feeling the press from the P.C. the United Democratic Alliance forms and begins pressing to move to the Kepler system

  • 2240: PC expands to their second system (the Kapteyn System)

  • 2243: The UDA is officially formed as three smaller factions divide to protect culture and language to colonize new worlds in the Teegarden and Wolf systems.

  • January 18, 2281: Emilia Cogsmith Born

  • March 19, 2305: Attack on the UDS Fastnet

  • June 7, 2305: Battle of the Kepler Belt

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