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Year in Review 2022

As this year comes to a close, I wanted to start updating you all on everything I'm working on. It's been an amazing year with the release of Stars and Storms and everything that I've been working on behind the scenes. There is so much in the process of being completed that this year will likely be filled with a lot more announcements. Below I've broken things down into sections to make it easier to follow.

During this time of year, I also want to give everyone a chance to start the new year off with a new book. Check out my Amazon page for discounts or if you've read everything from me, check out any other of the authors that I follow on social media and try out one of their amazing stories.

I know that this series has been on the backburner while I worked on a few projects but the time has finally come for me to finish this series. "Knights of Ipredaris" is going through a few more revisions and will be out in Early Summer. This will be the final book in the series and I'm excited to share the rest of this story with you. It's got an amazing ending and I'm really excited about how well this series has turned out

This series has quickly become some of my favorite things to write. Book Two in the series "The City of Glass and Stars" has been written and will be going through editing and revisions after Roots of Conviction has been completed. My goal is to have this out by Christmas 2023, but it may push over to Spring 2024. I'm so excited to publish the first full book in this series and to open up this universe to show you everything I've imagined. I will start working on book 3 in this series while I'm finishing up revisions on Book 2. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Short Stories

Over the last year I've written several short stories that I will be working to get published and released over the next year. I'm also going to keep working to enter the Writers of the Future Contest. If you haven't seen this competition or read the stories that this contest generates, please do. Stay tuned for announcements as they come.

Other Stories

I have one book ready to begin the publishing process. I'm planning on traditionally publishing this one, so it will be much longer for you guys to see this one in print. I can't wait for you to see this one though, it's my favorite story that I've ever written and I'm extremely proud of it.

On top of this I have another new story that I'm beginning to work on to fill the time between edits. This story likely won't be finished and ready to begin the traditional publishing process until 2024. Please watch my social media and this blog for updates on these stories and any others that I may start working on.

Public Appearances

After a successful appearance at Utah Author's Day this year, I've decided to increase my public appearances. Right now my only official plans are to repeat in Utah Author's Day 2023. I've enjoyed meeting you guys and sharing my stories with new people. Watch my social media for updates and details.

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